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JCM-5700 CarryScope™
JCM-5700 Scanning Electron Microscope CarryScope™


CM-5700 Scanning Electron Microscope CarryScope™

The JCM-5700, CarryScope™ is a high-performance, low cost, scanning electron microscope that is also compact and mobile. The JCM-5700 can be moved on its wheeled chassis, with the attached mounted rotary pump, and plugged into any 110AC wall socket. It is compact enough (24 inch width) to fit through any doorway.

The CarryScope has a high resolution of 5.0nm with a magnification from x8 to 300,000. The eucentric motorized specimen stage (MS configuration) holds a specimen up to 150mm in diameter (6 inches). The customizable GUI interface allows the instrument to be easily and intuitively operated, and Smile Shot™ software ensures optimum operation settings. Standard automated features include auto focus/auto stigmator, auto gun (saturation, bias and alignment), and automatic contrast and brightness.

Other highlights include:

  • - Multiple live image display (including picture in picture)
  • - Signal mixing
  • - Live, full screen image
  • - Video capability (.avi files)

New features include:

  • - Low Vacuum option
  • - Mechanically eucentric stage option
  • - Smart settings for common samples (create/store/recall)
  • - Compact designed for mobility
  • - Customized toolbars for repetitive functions
  • - Enhanced SE imaging
  • - Super conical lens
  • - Compatible with EDS