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주요 특징

The BC-10 measures the color of baked, fried, and processed foods, as well as ingredients, in various environments to ensure consistency in appearance.

It is ideal for multi-plant, multi-lined companies, co-packers, and restaurant chains that seek enhanced consistency and quality of their products' appearance. Besides crust color, the BC-10 measures color in most bakery and snack food products, block yeast, brown sugar, calcium propionate, and flour blending. The baking meter is also used by academia for color recognition training, research and development, and international bakery assistance.

주요 용도

Ease of use

All the user must do is place the meter on the sample and press a button

LCD Display of results

Shows minimum, maximum, and mean computation on the last 16 samples

Two Measurement Formats

Measurements can be displayed in L*a*b* or BCU(Baking Contrast Units)


Incoming Inspection of Materials

Yeast, flour, grains, etc.

Production Control

Crust color, crumb color, and related formulation adjustments

Laboratory and R&D Analysis

Reology, new product specifications

Preventive Maintenance

Oven adjustment and lateral heat dispersion

Sales & Marketing

Determine customer specifications, settle customer complaints


Train employees to assess color quality with high degrees of accuracy




Model BC-10
Measurement Format 0.01-5.25 BCU
Measurement Area 8mm round
Measurement Time 0.7 seconds initial,
0.4 seconds continuous
Geometry 8° illumination
Diffuse viewing
Size 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 6-1/4"
0.8 lbs. plus batteries
Power Requirements 4 AA batteries
AC/DC Power Supply
Repeatability Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.1
(Measurement conditions: average of measurements of standard white plate)
Statistical Capability Minimum, Maximum, and Mean Computation on last 16 measurements
Output RS-232C ASCII data output stream